regenerative medicine

Issues owing to the reprogramming step still question cell-based therapy’s safety and the efficiency of the existing methods:

mastering cell fate Poor differentiation cell rate and scalability

Unresolved cellular heterogeneity of existing protocols

mastering cell fate Unreachable desirable mature cell phenotypes

mastering cell fate Difficulties to benchmark the exact differentiation/developmental state

Donor-recipient compatibility problems

Vidium Solutions decodes the differentiation process to generate human disease and regenerative medicine models.

Vidium exploits the granularity contained in single-cell level expression measurements, leading to a more systematic understanding of the processes determining cell fate, allowing to:

Resolve the cellular heterogeneity

Improve the rate of differentiation

Reach a higher degree of homogeneity to yield “clinical-grade” therapeutic cells

Changing the paradigm
of target identification

Gene Regulatory Networks, GRN, are very important and involved in many critical biological processes such as development, immune responses,  and cancer. Nonetheless, GRN reconstruction from gene expression data remains a pressing problem in systems biology.

Gene Regulatory Network GRNs have a high number of genes with complex, nonlinear regulatory mechanisms

Gene Regulatory Network GRN inference has been classically based on analyzing steady-state data

Gene Regulatory Network Current GRN reconstruction algorithms do not integrate multi-data (only RNA)

The generated GRN are not executable

Knockout experiments on a large number of genes are costly and often technically infeasible

Differential expression analyses alone are limited in their correlations and may miss important regulatory relationships


We are the navigating system of gene regulatory networks

Vidium’s unique iterative approach solution is capable of reconstructing a map of the existing genetic networks.

Our in silico executable models propose realistic genetic networks reproducing normal and pathological development. We extract maximum information, integrating dynamic multi-omic data into R.E.A.L., and predicting « what if? » results from biologically relevant in silico models.

Find new realistic interactions

Identify the optimal set of genetic targets

Provide robust and efficient treatments involving gene interactions, to reach a healthy genetic state

A new path towards
personalized medicine

Early diagnosis is the best chance for a successful treatment.

The absence of early disease-related markers has a major impact on patient outcomes:

Lack of reliable early markers

Late diagnosis with bad prognosis

personalized medicine A percentage of patients do not respond to medications as intended

Vidium Solutions helps you reveal the complex system of the GRN interactions underlying disease progression and drug responsiveness.

Vidium guides you in the search of cost-effective successful treatments

Identify reliable early markers: find key early genes

Understand drug efficacy related to different GRN candidates

Define patient endotypes most likely to respond to treatment

Provide in silico evidence for regulatory approval to reduce clinical trial costs

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