Biologists at the
center of the equation

The power of retro-engineering
applied to life sciences

Unraveling the
cell differentiation process

Biologists at the center
of the equation

In the era of technology, machine learning is revolutionizing the way we do research. However, the fundamental paper of the biologist cannot be replaced by machines. Machines can’t be creative. Machines can’t think out-of-the-box. They are limited to what they are being taught or commanded. Though they help in designing and creating, they can’t compete with the power of the human brain.

Vidium is a pioneer in systems biology data analysis and modeling. We work in close collaboration with our customers to exploit the full potential of the retro-engineering process and the use of smart experimental data.

Our continuous improvement approach is based on mutual win-win exchanges to improve and validate the accuracy of predictions and accelerate medical research. We consolidate the relationship between the human and the artificial intelligence to empower research.

Our mission is to guide biotech & pharma institutes through cellular complexity to control cell behavior. We are shifting the paradigm to develop genetically innovative, robust, and ambitious treatments from drug discovery to clinical trials, and save years of research.

The power of retro-engineering applied to life sciences

It is paradoxical that the analytical methods used in biology to retro-engineer ultra-complex living systems are more simplified than those used in engineering less complex systems. Surprisingly, autopilots and cells share many commonalities in their behavior and design.

Researchers are drowning under big amounts of generated data, resulting in poor cost-effective results:

Experiments are often designed without taking into consideration how they would be used for analytic projects.

Data is coming from different experimental platforms.

The choice of analytical methods is huge and often over-simplifying the ultra-complex living systems.

Data is very little exploited by statistical approaches and AI tools, that just provide correlations but do not create knowledge.


The REAL platform was born to address this paradox by combining knowledge and expertise in the fields of life science and aerospace:

We use a state-of-the-art technology coming from the engineering know-how, and we put it at the service of biology to unravel the cell decision-making process.

We are the missing link between data generation and cost-effective successful treatments.

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Unraveling the cell differentiation

One of the main challenges in biology is to understand the processes involved in cell differentiation potential during development, homeostasis, and dysregulation in disease. When, where, and how does the lineage commitment to each cell type take place?

The arrival of single-cell transcriptomics technology has considerably improved knowledge regarding cellular lineages and cellular pathways. Though, inferring regulatory networks remains challenging, since the decision-making of the cell depends as well on different parameters like stochasticity, the RNA half-life, or epigenomics.

Our user-friendly platform (GRN simulator) allows our customers to dissect cellular pathways and bring biological answers to biological questions.

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Vidium Solutions is capable of inferring the gene regulatory networks underlying the decision-making process of cells in a temporal manner, allowing to predict the best conditions for regulating the cell fate at the best rate and to answer questions like:

What degree of differentiation I am interested in?
Which potential of differentiation I am seeking?
How can I direct the cells from a pathological to a healthy state?