Crossing pathways

The reunion of two professionals with very different backgrounds.

Arnaud Bonnaffoux, aeronautical engineer and Ph.D. in systems biology. Sami Bou-Antoun, a businessman by nature, physician, and Ph.D. in immunology from Boston University, USA. Their destinies crossed with a common goal: by combining the power of the latest technologies and always putting human intelligence at the center of research, to change the paradigm of drug development. Arnaud’s background in the aerospace field and Sami’s in research and development made two worlds that never communicated before meeting to the benefit of humanity.


Vidium is born

Vidium Solutions is created

VIDIUM is a spin-off from ENS de Lyon and INRIA.
The LBMC laboratory (ENS) develops genetic and quantitative analyses of biological systems, systems biology, and modeling approaches.
LBMC is a VIDIUM partner for:

  • Sustainable research partnership
  • Sharing research facilities
  • Biology research on fundamental gene regulatory network mechanisms

The LIP (ENS + INRIA) is a Computer Science laboratory specialized in parallel computing which main strength is the creative interaction between long-term fundamental research, innovative software/hardware design and shorter-term projects/transfers through industrial collaborations.
LIP is a VIDIUM partner for:

  • HPC (High-performance computing)

Machine learning expertise


Vidium Solutions is sponsored

VIDIUM creates a continuum between engineering, biological and medical research. Its innovative approach to research, its legitimacy, and its values have been rapidly embraced and supported by a number of sponsors and investors: expertise, rigor, innovation, trust, commitment and transparency.


Vidium builds its team of talents

At the end of 2020, Vidium assembled a team of talents, which responded to the needs of its ambitious and revolutionary project. A team of Ph.D. with cross-competences and long experience on the field of systems biology, genetics, immunology, and infectiology, able to provide key expertise to its partners.

Launching of first projects

Vidium launches its pipeline

Since 2020, Vidium is building out its own pipeline through strategic partnerships.

  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
  • Aggressive melanoma
  • Multiscale modeling of CD8 T cell immune responses
  • Parkinson’s
  • Cystic Fibrosis


Our objective is to be a global leader in in silico modeling and smart-data analysis in biology. In concrete terms, we hope to contribute, thanks to intensive collaborations with our customers, to important discoveries and the development of new treatments. But the very sense of our mission is more global and long-term to reconcile technology and Life in a sustainable way.

Arnaud Bonnaffoux
CEO Vidium-Solutions

Our team