Deep tech pioneers
Great news! We’ve been selected as one of @hellotmrc’s Deep Tech Pioneers! Come and attend the “Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2021” along with 3,500 disruptive startups, investors, corporations and more. Join us there December 2nd-3rd and enjoy Europe’s biggest deep tech event!
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Press release

Vidium is a young Lyon-based start-up that was launched in late 2018 with support from Inria. They develop digital twins in cell biology, an innovation with its roots in the world of industry, for use in public and private research in the field of personalised medicine and health.
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White papers

Rather than another review of systems biology, this first paper is a personal statement of my transition from engineering to biology, two fields I am passionate about. However far apart, the two worlds have many points in common and can benefit greatly from each other. The key to success is
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The article entitled “Can a biologist fix a radio?” from Lazebnik in Cancer Cell, exemplifies the difficulty to analyze and fix a system from the descriptive approach in biology. Almost 20 years after the publication of this paper, new experimental data at the single-cell level reveal a new level of
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