Arnaud Bonnaffoux
CSO Vidium Solutions
Out-of-the-box thinker

Dr. Arnaud Bonnaffoux is a former aerospace engineer who made the transition to biological research. The parallelism found between autopilots and cells design and behavior was the switch for his reconversion. After 10 years of experience in aircraft autopilot design, implementation, and flight tests, he graduated with a Master’s degree in molecular/cellular biology and has a Ph.D. in Systems Biology (ENS, Lyon). Dr. Arnaud Bonnaffoux is also involved in teaching activities.

Sami Bou-Antoun
CEO Vidium Solutions
An adventure-seeking

Dr. Sami Bou-Antoun is a serial entrepreneur. After medical studies and Ph.D. (Boston University) in molecular biology, he worked for 2 large consulting firms for the pharma industry before attempting his first entrepreneurial adventure. Since, Dr. Bou-Antoun created several companies as “Allios Consulting” specialized in custom coaching of entrepreneurs, strategy and International Business Development. In addition, he runs two companies in the life sciences in France. Dr. Sami Bou-Antoun provides expertise in cross-cultural management and teaching activities for Medical school and Management of Innovation.

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